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Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development, 14(4)

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Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development 

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Business assistance for SMEs: New Zealand owner-managers make their assessment
Kate Lewis, Claire Massey, Mary Ashby, Alan Coetzer, Candice Harris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Between a rock and a hard place?: A case study of the issues facing advisors in introducing IIP to SMEs
Alison J. Smith, Lorna A. Collins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tacit knowledge, heuristics, consistency and error signals: How do business advisers diagnose their SME clients?
Kevin F. Mole [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The function and character of relationship benefits: Transferring capabilities and resources to the small firm
Stephen Kelly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of internet adoption by SME agri-food companies
Geoffrey J. Simmons, Mark G. Durkin, Pauric McGowan, Gillian A. Armstrong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can broadband access rescue the rural economy?
Laura Galloway [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer trust: privacy policies and third-party seals
Dane Peterson, David Meinert, John Criswell II, Martin Crossland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supporting SME e-commerce migration through blended e-learning
Kevin Caskey, Brian Subirana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perception of success and its effect on small firm performance
Helen Reijonen, Raija Komppula [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial potentials of African-Caribbeans in the United Kingdom
Patrick Okunta, Kaushik V. Pandya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Job-matching and employee diversity: an exploratory study
Geoff Ruggeri Stevens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Team-oriented women entrepreneurs: a way to modern management
Ingmari Cantzler, Svante Leijon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]