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Journal of Product & Brand Management, 16(7)

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Journal of Product & Brand Management 

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Value-informed pricing in its organizational context: literature review, conceptual framework, and directions for future research
Paul Ingenbleek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An integrated model of price, satisfaction and loyalty: an empirical analysis in the service sector
David Martín-Consuegra, Arturo Molina, Águeda Esteban [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effectiveness of “scratch and save” promotions: the moderating roles of price consciousness and expected savings
Sungchul Choi, Moontae Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Will you care when you pay more? The negative side of targeted promotions
Dungchun Tsai, Hsiao-Ching Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bundles = discount? Revisiting complex theories of bundle effects
Roger M. Heeler, Adam Nguyen, Cheryl Buff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of digit-direction on eye movement bias and price-rounding behavior
Keith S. Coulter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]