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Journal of Business and Psychology, 22(2)

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Journal of Business and Psychology 

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Determinants of Employee Participation in Organizations? Family-friendly Programs: A Multi-level Approach
Cathleen A. Swody, Gary N. Powell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practical Limitations in Making Decisions Regarding the Distribution of Applicant Personality Test Scores Based on Incumbent Data
Jennifer P. Bott, Matthew S. O’Connell, Mano Ramakrishnan, Dennis Doverspike [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Moderating Effects of Justice on the Relationship Between Organizational Politics and Workplace Attitudes
Kenneth J. Harris, Martha C. Andrews, K. Michele Kacmar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Participation in Decision Making on Performance and Employee Attitudes: A Quality Circles Meta-analysis
Gloria M. Pereira, H. G. Osburn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]