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International Journal of Mobile Marketing, 2(2)

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International Journal of Mobile Marketing 

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Election 2008: The Mobile Tipping Point
Doug Busk

Insights into the Implementation of Mobile Marketing Campaigns
Heikki Karjaluoto, Heikki Lehto, Matti Leppäniemi, Tiina Mustonen

Factors Affecting the Use of Mobile Advertising
Ramin Vatanparast, Mahsa Asil

How Consumers Perceive Free Offers: Implications for Mobile Marketing
Alex Wang

Image Recognition as a Method for Opt-in and Applications for Mobile Marketing
G.D. Ramkumar

Participation TV: Premium SMS vs. Toll Free IVR
Dennis Becker

Desperately Seeking Opt-in: A Field Report from a Student-led Mobile Marketing Initiative
Jay Newell, Morgan Meier

Drivers of Mobile Business Models: Lessons from Four Asian Countries
Mark Sgriccia, Huy Nguyen, Russ Edra, Adam Alworth, Olga Brandeis, Rodrigo Escandon, Patrick Kronfli, Elisabeth Silva, Bryan Swatt and Dr. Kala Seal

Differences in Customer’ Responsiveness to Mobile Direct Mail Coupon Promotions
Fumiyo Kondo, Mariko Nakahara

Digital Libraries in the Developing World: What it may look like
Justin Thorp

Mobile Marketing—Interactive Promotions on Mobile Devices: Navigating Legal Hurdles
Gabe Karp

Case Study

Mobile Enhancing the Performing Arts Center: a Case Study and Conceptual View
Ted Bailey