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Tor W. Andreassen seeks input for a course blending customer relationship management, customer lifetime value estimation, and customer equity management.

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I am in the process of designing/developing a new advanced MSc-course in marketing blending Customer Relationship Management, Customer Lifetime Value estimation, and Customer Equity Management. The "dependent variable" in the course is customer equity. The goal is to discuss various factors that impact customer equity and how managers can allocate resources to maximize return on marketing and firm value. Books that have inspired me are for example:

Driving Customer Equity : How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy
by Roland Rust, Valarie Zeithaml , Katherine Lemon

Managing Customers as Investments: The Strategic Value of Customers in the Long Run
by Sunil Gupta , Donald Lehmann

If any of you have a course that adresses these issues I would appreciate to learn from your experience: text books, articles and cases

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