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Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 9(4)

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Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 

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Applications of Empirical Science in Manufacturing and Service Operations
Aleda V. Roth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strengthening the Empirical Base of Operations Management
Marshall Fisher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simple Models of Discrete Choice and Their Performance in Bandit Experiments
Noah Gans, George Knox, and Rachel Croson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Can Be Learned from Classical Inventory Models? A Cross-Industry Exploratory Investigation
Sergey Rumyantsev and Serguei Netessine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

U.S. Retail and Wholesale Inventory Performance from 1981 to 2004
Hong Chen, Murray Z. Frank, and Owen Q. Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In Search of the Bullwhip Effect
Gerard P. Cachon, Taylor Randall, and Glen M. Schmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimating Demand Uncertainty Using Judgmental Forecasts
Vishal Gaur, Saravanan Kesavan, Ananth Raman, and Marshall L. Fisher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Study of System Improvement by Frontline Employees in Hospital Units
Anita L. Tucker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Operational Performance and Focus on Profitability: A Longitudinal Study of the U.S. Airline Industry
Nikos Tsikriktsis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Store Manager Incentive Design and Retail Performance: An Exploratory Investigation
Nicole DeHoratius and Ananth Raman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Efficiency, Channel Usage, and Firm Performance in Retail Banking
Mei Xue, Lorin M. Hitt, and Patrick T. Harker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Influence of Operational Intellectual Capital on Capabilities and Performance
Larry J. Menor, M. Murat Kristal, and Eve D. Rosenzweig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Project Performance and the Enabling Role of Information Technology: An Exploratory Study on the Role of Alignment
Indranil R. Bardhan, Vish V. Krishnan, and Shu Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]