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Journal of Hospital Marketing & Public Relations, 17(2)

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Journal of Hospital Marketing & Public Relations 

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Editor’s Note
Tony Carter [Publisher]

Hospital Activity and Hospital Profits
Charles Hegji [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Do Patients Select a Hospital? A Conjoint Analysis in Two German Hospitals
Jens Leister, Jürgen Stausberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Power of Creative Medical Education: How One Retirement Community Is Learning How to Manage Diabetes
Michaeline Skiba, Helen Skiba-Powell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"When Doing Good Is Just the Start to Being Good": A Possible Tool to Improve the Organizational Effectiveness of Non-Profit Health Care Organizations
Jens Mueller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Category Captain Management: A New Approach for Healthcare Suppliers to Partner with Their Hospital Customers
Bill Trombetta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

U.S. Health Care, a Different Perspective
Mary Carter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]