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European Management Journal, 25(6)

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European Management Journal 

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Business, Climate Change and Emissions Trading:Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Ans Kolk and Volker Hoffmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Framework for Understanding Institutional Governance Systems and Climate Change:The Case of Australia
Andrew Griffiths, Nardia Haigh and Jenine Rassias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

North American Business Strategies Towards Climate Change
Charles A. Jones and David L. Levy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multinational Corporations and Emissions Trading: Strategic Responses to New Institutional Constraints
Jonatan Pinkse and Ans Kolk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Making of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Status, Prospects and Implications for Business
Christian Egenhofer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

EU ETS and Investment Decisions: The Case of the German Electricity Industry
Volker H. Hoffmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Exploration of Motivations, Drivers and Barriers to Carbon Management: The UK FTSE 100
Chukwumerije Okereke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]