Revisit: Consumer Behavior and Retailing


Special issue of Journal of Retailing, Edited by William O. Bearden and David M. Hardesty; Deadline 31 Mar 2008

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CALL FOR PAPERS — November 10, 2007
Journal of Retailing Special Issue: "Consumer Behavior and Retailing"

James R. Brown, West Virginia University and Rajiv P. Dant, University of South Florida
Co-Editors Journal of Retailing

William O. Bearden, University of South Carolina and David M. Hardesty, University of Kentucky
Special Issue Co-Editors

We are actively seeking manuscripts that focus on consumer behavior in retail settings. We hope to encourage consumer research within any context related to retailing. Manuscripts testing theoretical propositions tied to consumer behavior are particularly relevant. Topics for this special issue could include (but are not limited to):

  • Empirical studies that describe quantitative or qualitative findings related to consumer behavior within the context of retailing
  • The impact of price and other promotion forms on consumer behavior
  • Theoretical or conceptual papers that introduce new perspectives on consumer behavior within a retailing context
  • Integrative review articles (including meta-analyses) that synthesize existing literature and identify opportunities for important future research
  • Reassessments of prior consumer research in retail contexts with insightful refinements
  • Understanding consumer information search in online retailing contexts
  • The role of the customer in service operations
  • Consumer knowledge of retailer pricing tactics
  • Understanding customers’ service experiences over time
  • Consumer decision-making in online retailer auctions
  • Consumer service and its impact on loyalty and profitability
  • Negative consumer behaviors, such as shoplifting, fraudulent returns, rebate fraud
  • Consumer reactions to the integrated use of online and offline retail efforts
  • Consumer responses to new retail technology (e.g., self-checkout, payment by finger scan)

Papers should be submitted to Journal of Retailing ( or by March 31, 2008 with a cover letter indicating that the paper is intended for the Special Issue. See for submission guidelines. This Special Issue of Journal of Retailing will be published in early to mid 2009.

Special Issue Co-Editors:

Professor William O. Bearden
Bank of America Chair Professor in Marketing
Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: 803-777-4914

Professor David M. Hardesty
455Q Gatton College of Business & Economics
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0034
Phone: 859-257-9419