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Research Policy 

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University–industry linkages in the UK: What are the factors underlying the variety of interactions with industry?
P. D’Este and P. Patel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A bridge over troubled waters: Bridging organisations and entrepreneurial opportunities in emerging sectors
Jonathan Sapsed, Andrew Grantham and Robert DeFillippi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Upgrading the technological capabilities of foreign transnational subsidiaries in developing countries: The case of electronics in Thailand
Michael Hobday and Howard Rush [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation and R&D spillover effects in Spanish regions: A spatial approach
Bernardí Cabrer-Borrás and Guadalupe Serrano-Domingo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reducing the demand uncertainties at the fuzzy-front-end of developing new online services
Muammer Ozer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Science, accounting and statistics: The input–output framework
Benoît Godin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring patent assessment quality—Analyzing the degree and kind of (in)consistency in patent offices’ decision making
Paul F. Burke and Markus Reitzig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Construction of a Japanese Patent Database and a first look at Japanese patenting activities
Akira Goto and Kazuyuki Motohashi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

R&D spillovers from subsidized firms that fail: Tracing knowledge by following employees across firms
Jarle Møen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Industrial R&D as a national policy: Horizontal technology policies and industry-state co-evolution in the growth of the Israeli software industry
Dan Breznitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]