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International Journal of e-Business Research, 4(1)

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International Journal of e-Business Research 

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Exploring Decision Rules for Sellers in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Internet Auctions
Jeff Baker, Jaeki Song

Product Choice Strategy for Online Retailers
Ruiliang Yan, Amit Bhatnagar

Role of Information Technology Knowledge in B2B Development
Blanca Hernández Ortega, Julio Jimenez Martínez, Mª José Martín De Hoyos

Pricing Strategy of Online Knowledge Market: The Analysis of Google Answers
Zuopeng (Justin) Zhang, Sajjad M. Jasimuddin

Nibbling, Sniping, and the Role of Uncertainty in Second-Price, Hard-Close Internet Auctions: Empirical Evidence from eBay
Daniel Friesner, Carl S. Bozman, Matthew Q. McPherson

How Can Internet Service Providers Tap into the Potentially-Lucrative Small Business Market?
Avinash Waikar, Minh Q. Huynh