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Games and Economic Behavior, 61(2)

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Games and Economic Behavior 

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Partial bandwagon effects and local interactions
Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Simon Weidenholzer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The envelope theorem for locally differentiable Nash equilibria of finite horizon differential games
Michael R. Caputo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public decisions: Solidarity and the status quo
Sidartha Gordon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficiency in coalition games with externalities
Isa E. Hafalir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transient and asymptotic dynamics of reinforcement learning in games
Luis R. Izquierdo, Segismundo S. Izquierdo, Nicholas M. Gotts and J. Gary Polhill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The minimal dominant set is a non-empty core-extension
László Á. Kóczy and Luc Lauwers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Iterated strict dominance in general games
Yi-Chun Chen, Ngo Van Long and Xiao Luo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Serial dictatorship and Pareto optimality
Mihai Manea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bribe-proof rules in the division problem
Jordi Massó and Alejandro Neme [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Weak monotonicity and Bayes–Nash incentive compatibility
Rudolf Müller, Andrés Perea and Sascha Wolf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Corrigendum to “Alternative characterizations of three bargaining solutions for nonconvex problems” [Games Econ. Behav. 57 (2006) 86–92]
Yongsheng Xu and Naoki Yoshihara [Publisher]