Experimental Lab Best Practices


Arnaud De Bruyn seeks best practices for a new lab to be set up at ESSEC Business School


We are setting up a more formal experimental lab at ESSEC Business School (Paris), and we are thinking about different ways to enrol / motivate students to participate in the studies we’ll host, and how to best manage the back office.

As of today, the plan is to use a mix of course credit and extra financial incentive. We also plan to ask the IT department to build tools to manage part of the process: managing the registration process (pool and mailing lists), the course credits, making sure we can exclude participants based on their involvement in previous experiments (pilot studies), etc.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or would like to share best practices from your business school, I would be eager to hear about that. Please contact me at debruyn@essec.fr.


Arnaud De Bruyn