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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 26(2)

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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 

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Perspectives on Food Marketing and Childhood Obesity: Introduction to the Special Section
Elizabeth S Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating an Environment in Which Youths Are Encouraged to Eat a Healthier Diet
Marvin E Goldberg, Kunter Gunasti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Children’s Exposure to Television Advertising: Implications for Childhood Obesity
Debra M Desrochers, Debra J Holt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Online Marketing of Food to Children: Is It Just Fun and Games?
Elizabeth S Moore, Victoria J Rideout [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fast-Food Marketing and Children’s Fast-Food Consumption: Exploring Parents’ Influences in an Ethnically Diverse Sample
Sonya A Grier, Janell Mensinger, Shirley H Huang, Shiriki K [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taming the Obesity Beast: Children, Marketing, and Public Policy Considerations
Kathleen Seiders, Ross D Petty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The American Marketing Association’s 2004 Definition of Marketing: Perspectives on Its Implications for Scholarship and the Role and Responsibility of Marketing in Society
Gregory T Gundlach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The American Marketing Association Definition of Marketing: Moving from Lagging to Leading Indicator
Debra Jones Ringold, Barton Weitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing’s Evolving Identity: Defining Our Future
Robert F Lusch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Does the Definition of Marketing Tell Us About Ourselves?
William L Wilkie, Elizabeth S Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Responsibilities Framework for Marketing as a Professional Discipline
Shelby D Hunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The New American Marketing Association Definition of Marketing: An Alternative Assessment
George M Zinkhan, Brian C Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The End(s) of Marketing and the Neglect of Moral Responsibility by the American Marketing Association
David Glen Mick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing as Constructive Engagement
Clifford J Shultz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implications of the Revised Definition of Marketing: From Exchange to Value Creation
Jagdish N Sheth, Can Uslay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]