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Tourism Management 

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Community Benefit Tourism Initiatives—A conceptual oxymoron?
Murray C. Simpson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modelling and forecasting Australian domestic tourism
George Athanasopoulos and Rob J. Hyndman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of inventory control and denied boarding on customer satisfaction: The case of capacity-based airline revenue management
Jörg Lindenmeier and Dieter K. Tscheulin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism and discretionary income allocation. Heterogeneity among households
Sara Dolnicar, Geoffrey I. Crouch, Timothy Devinney, Twan Huybers, Jordan J. Louviere and Harmen Oppewal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The sustainability of island destinations: Tourism area life cycle and teleological perspectives. The case of Tenerife
Juan Ramón Oreja Rodríguez, Eduardo Parra-López and Vanessa Yanes-Estévez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ranking, rating and scoring of tourism journals: Interdisciplinary challenges and innovations
Tazim Jamal, Brian Smith and Elizabeth Watson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A fractionally integrated autoregressive moving average approach to forecasting tourism demand
Fong-Lin Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism-induced rural energy consumption in the Annapurna region of Nepal
Sanjay K. Nepal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of characteristics of partners on strategic alliance performance in the SME dominated travel sector
Jaloni Pansiri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer delight and market segmentation: An application of the three-factor theory of customer satisfaction on life style groups
Johann Füller and Kurt Matzler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-integration analysis of quarterly European tourism demand in Tunisia
Chokri Ouerfelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gateways as a means of visitor management in national parks and protected areas
Raoul Beunen, Hielke D. Regnerus and Catharinus F. Jaarsma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virtual experience vs. brochures in the advertisement of scenic spots: How cognitive preferences and order effects influence advertising effects on consumers
Wen-Bin Chiou, Chin-Sheng Wan and Hsin-Yi Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards a destination tourism disaster management framework: Long-term lessons from a forest fire disaster
Perry W. Hystad and Peter C. Keller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internet vs. travel agencies on pre-visit destination image formation: An information processing view
Dolores Ma. Frías, Miguel A. Rodríguez and J. Alberto Castañeda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism development and economic growth: A closer look at panels
Chien-Chiang Lee and Chun-Ping Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book reviews

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David Weir [Publisher]

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Warwick Frost [Publisher]