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Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 19(2)

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Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship 

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Small Business Critical Success Factors and the Legal Form of the Firm
Sudhir K. Chawla, Mary F. Hazeldine, Robert E. Jackson, and Richard J. Lawrence

Attitudes Towards Occupation, Job, Life, and Family: Translators as Independent Contractors, Owners, and Employees
David J. Prottas

Women-Owned Firms and Growth
Susan Coleman

A Study of the Differences in Training Preferences Between Full-Time and Part-Time Entrepreneurs
Warren Martin, Barbara A. Wech, and John Sandefur

Development of SMEs in a Developing Country: The Indonesian Story
Tulus Tambunan

Managing Golf Course Revenue Using Pace of Play Modeling
Andrew A. Tiger and Robert W. Howard