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There will be a new submission and review process at Marketing Science as of 15 Nov 2007

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Title: New Submission and Review Process at Marketing Science as of November 15th, 2007

Dear Marketing Science authors, reviewers, potential authors, etc…:

I am officially assuming the role as Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Science, starting January 1st, 2008. As the new Editor-in-Chief, I am excited to inform you of significant improvements that are taking place regarding the manuscript submission and review process. The goal of these changes is to enhance your experience as an author and/or reviewer, along with reducing the administrative burden on the editorial team of Marketing Science. More details, and a statement of my vision for the journal, are forthcoming in an editorial to appear in the first issue of the journal in 2008.

The following is a list of the upcoming changes for the processing of manuscripts at Marketing Science:

  • PRIOR to November 15th, 2007, all new manuscripts are to be submitted to the current editor, Steve Shugan, following the current process – e-mail to All manuscripts currently in the Marketing Science review process will continue to be handled by Steve Shugan and Margaret Jones until March 31st, 2008. At that time, any remaining papers, still in the processing phase, will be turned over to my team.
  • STARTING November 15th, 2007, ALL new manuscripts MUST be submitted electronically via Manuscript Central (an online submission and review system). Submissions will no longer be accepted by paper or e-mail. To access the Marketing Science Manuscript Central site go to (Please note this website is not available prior to November 15th.)
  • The first time you log on to the Marketing Science Manuscript Central site you are prompted to create an account (click on "create account" on the opening page). When creating your account please be sure you take the time to accurately choose keywords for yourself. These keywords are critical for the accurate assignment of manuscripts for your review.
  • All submitted manuscripts, and subsequent revisions, are blinded (the Manuscript Central log-in process informs me of the authors and co-authors). Upon submission, you have the opportunity to write a cover letter along with requesting preferred and non-preferred reviewers and area editors.
  • There is a new reviewer form that includes 7-8 rating scale questions, an overall recommendation, and a space for review and comments to the area editor. Our hope is that this new form enhances the reviewing process.

If you have questions concerning any of the above information, please e-mail us at (the new e-mail address for the journal). Molly O’Donnell (the new Managing Editor), Kate Kelley (Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief), or I will respond promptly. We look forward to seeing your new manuscripts as of November 15th, and will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition.


Eric T. Bradlow
The K.P. Chao Professor
Professor of Marketing, Statistics and Education
Academic Director, Wharton Small Business Dev. Ctr.
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania