J Hosp Leisure Mar Will Be J Hosp Mar Man


Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing will be called Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, as of Spring 2008

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Announcing Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing’s new name effective spring 2008 (Volume 18, Issue 1)

Editor: Dogan Gursoy, Washington State University (dgursoy@wsu.edu)

Journal URL: http://www.haworthpress.com/store/product.asp?sku=J538

Publisher: http://www.haworthpress.com/

I am pleased to announce that in spring 2008 (Volume 18, Issue 1) Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing will have a new name, Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. The journal’s new name better reflects its integrative content, and emphasizes the connection between hospitality marketing and management. With a reputation for publishing high-quality scholarship, the journal will continue to publish peer-reviewed articles covering topics relating to the hospitality marketing and management.

What types of articles do we publish?

Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management seeks papers that are novel, integrative, written in a way that focuses on hospitality marketing and management issues and accessible to a hospitality audience. Content of the journal ranges from the applied to the theoretical. In general, papers should cover topics relating to the crucial hospitality issues, including consumer buying behavior and marketing; decision-making processes; forecasting; operational management; financial management; marketing management; international issues; cross-cultural research; ethical concerns in marketing and management; analyses of environmental, social; cultural economic impacts; impacts of demographic, social, and technological trends and changes; development of conceptual models and constructs; and future trends in hospitality marketing and management.

We invite academic researchers, industrial practitioners, and official policy-makers to contribute technical or managerial papers that are related to the theme of the journal. Both conceptual and empirical papers are welcomed.

For more information, please contact the journal editor at dgursoy@wsu.edu


Manuscripts should be typed pages, double spaced (including references and abstract). For more information on how to prepare articles for publication, visit the journal’s Web site at: http://JHMM.HaworthPress.com and click on “Instructions for Authors” in the “Journal Information” column.

To submit your manuscript, please contact

Dogan Gursoy

School of Hospitality Business Management
Washington State University
479 Todd Hall
PO Box 644742
Pullman, WA 99164—4742

To submit your research as a research note, please contact:

Research Note Editor
Soo Cheong (Shawn) Jang
Research Note Editor
Purdue University
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
700 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2059