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Product Development & Management Association solicits proposals on product development and innovation management; Deadline 15 Dec 2007

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Call for Proposals
Submission Deadline: December 15, 2007

The Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) announces a competition for research proposals on the topic of product development and innovation management. PDMA is especially interested in research that will contribute significantly to the field of product development and/or to the practice of product development management. The topic of new product management is a very broad one. Products include both manufactured goods and services. The following are examples of research topics that fit under the umbrella of product development management:

  • Product development and innovation strategy at both the product and portfolio levels
  • The process of new product development and innovation
  • Measuring innovation or product development performance
  • Organizational structures for new product development or innovation
  • Cultures which foster and impede product development
  • Behaviors that support or hinder new product performance
  • Behaviors that impact effective interdepartmental boundary management
  • Best practices for promoting collaboration among departments
  • Management of product portfolios
  • Managing new product development programs
  • Global new product development and global new product teams
  • Virtual new product development and virtual new product development teams
  • Management of open innovation strategies, including alliances, co-development and other collaborative approaches
  • Service and/or nonprofit development and innovation

Methodologies proposed for the research should be appropriate to the stage of development of the research stream.

Evaluation Process

Proposals will be reviewed on topic importance, conceptual development, methodological rigor, originality and fit with PDMA mission. Constructive comments will be provided back to proposers for all submissions. Funding decisions are expected to be complete by February 15, 2008.

The Awards

PDMA will grant up to 2 awards of up to $ 5,000 each to winning proposals. Research teams will receive $ 4,000 upon award announcement. The final $ 1000 will be paid upon submission of a manuscript to the Journal of Product Innovation Management for publication consideration. Submission funding expires 3 years after notification of project funding. Both awards will provide researchers with access to the PDMA membership list for survey purposes. Those who use the PDMA membership list are required to provide a summary report of findings to PDMA respondents within 9 months of fielding the survey. Recipients of PDMA grants may be asked to present the results of their research at PDMA’s International Conference, with conference and travel expenses to be paid by PDMA.


Individuals with at least a 50% faculty appointment and Ph.D. candidates at accredited universities and colleges are eligible to submit proposals. Researchers funded in the past are not eligible to reapply until a manuscript has been submitted to JPIM for already funded research.

Submission Procedure: December 15, 2007, Deadline

Proposals should not exceed 10 pages for the proposal body, including all figures, tables and references. A separate title page should contain complete contact information for the team. This should be followed by an abstract. The proposal body should include the following sections: Problem statement, conceptual development, methodology, expected outcomes and implications for theory and practice, proposed budget. The proposal should also include explicit identification of the sample needed to conduct the study. An explicit statement of the expected contributions to both the academic literature and industrial practice and a timetable for conducting the research should also be included. A working paper or progress report should be received by the VP of Academic Affairs for PDMA within 12 months of receipt of the research grant. This working paper or progress report will be made available to PDMA members. All articles resulting from this research must acknowledge PDMA support.

The proposal should use JPIM style standards for references and use a font size of at least 11 points, at least 1.5 line spacing, and have 1 inch margins on all sides. Researcher identity should not be revealed in the proposal, as reviews are double-blind.

Send To:

Submit the proposal and one-page vita (for each person on the research team) e-mailed as a Word or PDF file to Competition Chairperson, Gloria Barczak, Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University at: g.barczak@neu.edu. A signed statement committing to submit at least the first manuscript resulting from the research to JPIM should be included in the submission.