Theoretical, Empirical, and Experimental Research on Auctions, Special issue of Applied Economics Research Bulletin; Deadline 1 Feb 2008

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Call for Papers
Special Issue
of the
Applied Economics Research Bulletin*
Theoretical, Empirical, and Experimental
Research on Auctions

The Applied Economics Research Bulletin intends to publish a special issue on auctions in its inaugural year. For this purpose high quality papers on theoretical, empirical and experimental research in the area are requested.

To be considered for the special issue on auctions, papers need to be submitted no later than February 1, 2008. To submit a manuscript all you need to do is email a pdf of your paper to Thomas D. Jeitschko ( with a cc to Kathy Weaver ( Please clearly identify that you are intending your paper to be reviewed for the special issue on auctions by including in the subject line of your email “AERB Auctions Issue”. The paper you send us is exactly how the paper, if accepted, will be published.

There are no specific requirements on manuscript length, format, or style in which references or tables are laid out, etc. Furthermore, your paper can be as long or as short as you want and in whatever style or format you wish. We trust your judgment and in the interest of prompt dissemination of ideas, we have absolutely no such requirements.

There is no fee to submit a manuscript to the Applied Economics Research Bulletin. However, submission implies consent to review a paper under consideration for the special issue. Rather than submitting a full-length referee’s report, reviewers are merely required to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down assessment, coupled with a brief explanation. In the interest of quick dissemination, reviews are generally expected to be completed within a week or two of receipt of the paper—with all reviews having been completed by February 15 at the latest.

Publication of the special issue is targeted for March 15, 2008.

*The Applied Economics Research Bulletin is a new electronic journal whose aim it is to foster free and extremely rapid dissemination of papers. It is currently in its beginning phase and hopes to be fully operational in 2008. More information on the AER Bulletin is found on the website: