Advertising Regulation and Self-Regulation


Special issue of Journal of Advertising, Edited by Charles R. Taylor and Herbert Jack Rotfeld; Deadline 1 Apr 2008

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Call for Papers
The Journal of Advertising
Special Issue Advertising Regulation and Self-Regulation

Manuscripts are being solicited for an upcoming issue of Journal of Advertising devoted to advertising regulation and self-regulation. Authors may submit empirical studies, analysis of legal issues currently faced by government or trade groups, or conceptual analysis of current issues in light of the existing literature. Papers should be theoretically well grounded and contain significant managerial and/or policy implications. The primary criterion for assessing fit with the special issue is whether the paper provides new insight into theory and/or practice of advertising regulation or self-regulation and their impacts on business practices.

Topics that would be appropriate for this special issue can focus on either government actions, non-government trade associations programs run without government sanction or control secondary regulatory impacts on advertising practices such as regulation, self-regulation by mass media vehicles. Specific topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Specific creative techniques that can raise regulatory concerns.
  • Assessments of the circumstances under which self-regulatory organizations efforts influence advertising outcomes in either the U.S. or other countries.
  • Evidence requirements for regulatory concerns or self-regulation.
  • Regulatory issues involving specific target markets (e.g., children, low income consumers, consumers with limited education).
  • Regulatory or legal issues in international advertising.
  • Client/agency relationships and responsibilities for regulatory issues.
  • Regulatory issues pertaining to new media, including privacy issues.
  • Regulation of specific media types that impact advertising content (e.g. outdoor advertising; child-oriented television).
  • Regulation and self-regulation of specific product categories such as pharmaceutical advertising to doctors or consumers (DTC), OTC drugs or nutritional supplements, food, tobacco, guns, or alcohol.
  • Relationship of non-government trade groups to government regulators.
  • Impact of government decisions on business activity, self-regulation practices or consumer trust in advertising messages.

Submission Information

Papers are to be sent via a special email address at, stating in the subject line the general research approach. Manuscripts are to follow current JA manuscript guides found at

Manuscripts are due by April 1, 2008.

Charles R. Taylor
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Herbert Jack Rotfeld
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