Ad Information Processing


Beichen Liang seeks a coauthor on a manuscript on cultural differences in ad processing that compares analytic versus holistic thinking

I am looking for a coauthor (associate or full professor is preferable) to help me to enhance my manuscript, Cultural Differences in Ad Information Processing: The Influence of Analytic versus Holistic Thinking (3 experiments completed).

If interested, please e-mail me at:


Will Eastern Asians and Western people use different strategies to process the verbal information when reading ads with different types of information? Since Eastern Asians tend to think holistically and Western people tend to think analytically, I predict that Eastern Asians tend to use a holistic way to process verbal information when reading analytic ads, whereas Western people tend to use an analytic way to process verbal information when reading both holistic and analytic ads. My hypotheses are supported by study 1. Study 2 shows that the analytic-holistic dichotomy tends to be deeper when participants are exposed to high-risk products. Study 3 supports the finding in study 1 that Western people are analytically oriented by using ads with only one piece of attribute information and ads with four pieces of attribute information.