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Strategic Management Journal, 28(11)

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Strategic Management Journal 

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Firm performance, rent appropriation, and the strategic resource divestment capability
Thomas P. Moliterno, Margarethe F. Wiersema [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managerial discretion and internal alignment under regulatory constraints and change
Margaret Peteraf, Randal Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intended and unintended termination of international joint ventures
Shige Makino, Christine M. Chan, Takehiko Isobe, Paul W. Beamish [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Different knowledge, different benefits: toward a productivity perspective on knowledge sharing in organizations
Martine R. Haas, Morten T. Hansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of invention commercialization: an empirical examination of academically sourced inventions
Atul Nerkar, Scott Shane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]