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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 33(5)

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J Exp Psych: Learn, Memory and Cog 

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Interpreting Visual Preferences in the Visual Paired-Comparison Task
Jenny Richmond, Michael Colombo and Harlene Hayne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Is an Odd Number Not Odd? Influence of Task Rule on the MARC Effect for Numeric Classification
Yang Seok Cho and Robert W. Proctor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Component Processes of Conceptual Priming and Associative Cued Recall: The Roles of Preexisting Representation and Depth of Processing
Cristina Ramponi, Alan Richardson-Klavehn and John M. Gardiner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in Item Recognition: Evidence for a Reduction in General Memory Strength
Bernhard Spitzer and Karl-Heinz Bäuml [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Open Goals on the Acquisition of Problem-Relevant Information
Jarrod Moss, Kenneth Kotovsky and Jonathan Cagan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cue-Independent Task-Specific Representations in Task Switching: Evidence From Backward Inhibition
Erik M. Altmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influences of Spoken Word Planning on Speech Recognition
Ardi Roelofs, Rebecca Özdemir and Willem J.M. Levelt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If You Say Thee uh You Are Describing Something Hard: The On-Line Attribution of Disfluency During Reference Comprehension
Jennifer E. Arnold, Carla L. Hudson Kam and Michael K. Tanenhaus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shared Syntactic Representations in Bilinguals: Evidence for the Role of Word-Order Repetition
Sarah Bernolet, Robert J. Hartsuiker and Martin J. Pickering [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

No Retrieval-Induced Forgetting Using Item-Specific Independent Cues: Evidence Against a General Inhibitory Account
Gino Camp, Diane Pecher and Henk G. Schmidt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Binding Facilitates Attention Switching Within Working Memory
Min Bao, Zhi-Hao Li and Da-Ren Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Teaching Adults New Words: The Role of Practice and Consolidation
Felix Clay, Jeffrey S. Bowers, Colin J. Davis and Derek A. Hanley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Crucial Role of Postcue Encoding in Directed Forgetting and Context-Dependent Forgetting
Bernhard Pastötter and Karl-Heinz Bäuml [Publisher] [Google Scholar]