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Mike Hyman wants to assess interest in a new online journal tentatively titled Philosophical and Future Studies about Marketing

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Journal Proposal: Philosophical and Future Studies about Marketing

Please help me assess worldwide interest in a new online journal about marketing. The tentative title of the journal is Philosophical and Future Studies about Marketing (PFSM).

The philosophical studies would follow in either the analytic or continental tradition. They would include conceptual analyses, phenomenological analyses, formal philosophical methods applied to marketing problems, the history of philosophy as it elucidates current marketing issues, and analyses of marketing phenomena from non-marketing perspectives (e.g., political theory, philosophical anthropology, epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics).

The future studies would take a long-term perspective on marketing. >From various disciplinary perspectives, they would evaluate the sources of societal change and invariability to foresee, delineate, and rate alternative futures. Future studies entail possible, probable, and preferable futures, plus low likelihood but high impact events.

PFSM would be open to thoughtful works by marketers and non-marketers (e.g., economists, psychologists, sociologists, ethicists, media experts, theologians). Such scholars have studied (1) the theoretical and historical bases for marketing, and (2) the intermediate and long-term effects of marketing on society. Because their works often appear in outlets unread by most marketers, an opportunity for dialogue has been lost. PFSM would provide an interactive academic forum for commingling diverse perspectives about marketing.

Although manuscripts submitted to PFSM would be double-blind reviewed, PFSM would differ from most scholarly journals in the following ways:

  • PFSM would be available online, with free access to all content.
  • To maximize the range of submissions, the sole criteria for manuscript rejection would be (1) failure to provide adequate evidence for claims, and (2) failure to provide logically coherent text. Thus, manuscripts would never be rejected based on disciplinary perspective or conclusions drawn.
  • To promote dialogue, both refereed and non-refereed comments would be possible and encouraged.
  • To enhance visibility, articles published in PFSM would be publicized as appropriate through listservs and other outlets.
  • E-mail alerts about new articles would be sent to voluntary registrants.

If you would consider submitting manuscripts to this new journal and/or serving as a reviewer, then please send an e-mail to that effect to Also, please forward this proposal to non-marketing scholars who may have an interest in PFSM.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Mike Hyman
Professor of Marketing
New Mexico State University