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Learn about Teaching with the LINKS Simulations, One hour briefings, 10, 11 Oct 2007

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Learn About Teaching With the LINKS Simulations
One-Hour LINKS Briefings
October 10 or 11, 2007

Registration is available for the next one-hour LINKS Simulations Briefings. Randy Chapman, the LINKS author, leads these distance-learning sessions for academic faculty interested in learning more about teaching with LINKS.

The LINKS simulations portfolio includes enterprise management, marketing, services management, and supply chain management variants.

One-hour LINKS Briefings are a convenient way to learn about LINKS with a minimal time investment. No prior preparation is required to participate in a one-hour LINKS Briefing. These one-hour LINKS Briefings are scheduled for October 10 and 11:

  • Wednesday, October 10: 200pm or 900pm (US Eastern Time)
  • Thursday, October 11: 130pm or 330pm (US Eastern Time)

There is no cost to participate in one-hour LINKS Briefings. However, participants are responsible for their own long-distance calling charges.

Descriptive material about the LINKS simulations may be accessed via the LINKS website:


Complete participant’s manuals may be downloaded from the LINKS website.

Please contact Randy Chapman (Chapman@ChapmanRG.com) with any questions about these one-hour LINKS Briefings or to register for a one-hour LINKS Briefing. One-hour LINKS Briefings have limited enrollment to permit a comfortable opportunity for discussion during a LINKS Briefing teleconference.

Randall G. Chapman, PhD
407 905 9191