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Tourism Analysis, 12(4)

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Tourism Analysis 

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The Evaluation of Tourism Journals: A Quality Model
Anita Zehrer

Adapting the Tourism Satellite Account Conceptual Framework to Measure the Economic Importance of the Meetings Industry
Larry Dwyer, Margaret Deery, Leo Jago, Ray Spurr, and Liz Fredline

Trends in Outbound Group Package Tours in China and Taiwan: A Marketing Mix Perspective
Janet Chang, Kuo-Ching Wang, Ying-Zhi Guo, Che-Jen Su, and Shih-Jung Yen

Benchmarking Destinations Via DMO Websites: A Methodological Process
Xiang (Robert) Li and James F. Petrick

State Tourism Funding: Equity, Consensus, and Accountability Models
Rich Harrill and Betsy Bender

Problems, Policies, and Marketing Practices of Virginia Wineries
Ken W. McCleary and Kyuho Lee

The Image of Central Asia Countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan
Kemal Kantarci


Destination Image and Visit Intention: Examining the Moderating Role of Motivation
WooMi Phillips and Soocheong (Shawn) Jang

Trends in Alaskan Curising
Bruce E. Marti



Vacation Decision Making (Alain Decrop)
Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt