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Management Science, 53(9)

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Management Science 

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The Effect of Digital Sharing Technologies on Music Markets: A Survival Analysis of Albums on Ranking Charts
Sudip Bhattacharjee, Ram D. Gopal, Kaveepan Lertwachara, James R. Marsden, and Rahul Telang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Yahoo! for Amazon: Sentiment Extraction from Small Talk on the Web
Sanjiv R. Das and Mike Y. Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fair Payments for Efficient Allocations in Public Sector Combinatorial Auctions
Robert W. Day and S. Raghavan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Should Price Increases Be Targeted?—Pricing Power and Selective vs. Across-the-Board Price Increases
Aradhna Krishna, Fred M. Feinberg, and Z. John Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Fragility of Time: Time-Insensitivity and Valuation of the Near and Far Future
Jane E. J. Ebert and Drazen Prelec [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Integrated Model for Hybrid Securities
Sanjiv R. Das and Rangarajan K. Sundaram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Valuing R&D Projects in a Portfolio: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry
Karan Girotra, Christian Terwiesch, and Karl T. Ulrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing a Single-Product Assemble-to-Order System with Technology Innovations
Susan H. Xu and Zhaolin Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Single-Product Inventory Model for Multiple Demand Classes
Hasan Arslan, Stephen C. Graves, and Thomas A. Roemer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ranking Contingent Monitoring Systems
Marie-Cécile Fagart and Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note—Strategic Bid-Shading and Sequential Auctioning with Learning from Past Prices
Robert Zeithammer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]