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Journal of Internet Commerce, 6(3)

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Journal of Internet Commerce 

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Innovative E-Commerce Site Design: A Conceptual Model to Match Consumer MBTI Dimensions to Website Design
David Cunningham, Liz Thach, Karen Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opportunities and Challenges in the Wireless World
R. H. Hamilton, William T. Rupp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Framework for Electronic Reverse Auction (eRA) Research
Abbas Foroughi, Mehmet Kocakulah, Jennifer Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Profiling Cyber-Slackers in the Workplace: Demographic, Cultural, and Workplace Factors
Joseph C. Ugrin, J. Michael Pearson, Marcus D. Odom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Behavior in Press Sector: The Influence of Reasons for Reading on the Choice of Digital Channel
Carlos Flavian, Raquel Gurrea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dubai e-Government: An Evaluation of G2B Websites
Mahmood A. Awan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]