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Journal of Website Promotion, 1(4)

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Journal of Website Promotion 

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From the Editor
Richard Alan Nelson [Publisher]

Internet Technologies and Trends Transforming Public Relations
Paul Christ [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

RSS: Marketing’s Newest Communication Channel
Tom Barnes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Search Marketing Revolution: It’s About Results, Not Technology
Cheryle Pingel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recommendation Engines: What They Are, an Empirical Investigation of Frequency and Type of Use, and a Guide for Managers
Maggie Waddoups, Frank Alpert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interactive Communication Features on Nonprofit Organizations’ Webpages for the Practice of Excellence in Public Relations
Hye Min Yeon, Youjin Choi, Spiro Kiousis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reactions to Integrated Store Environments: The Atmospheric Matrix Model in the Virtual World
Louis K. Falk, Hy Sockel, Homer Warren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]