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Journal of Medical Marketing, 7(4)

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Journal of Medical Marketing 

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Leonard Lerer [Publisher]

Business as unusual
Claus Moldrup [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Session 1

Transformation planning and implementation: An evaluation of processes, experience and future directions
William Kilgallon and Rainer Lampe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demographic changes in Europe: Opportunity or threat?
Julia Levy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Chinese pharmaceutical market: Perspectives of the health consumer
Hu Yuanjia, Franny Geng, Bian Ying and Wang Yitao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Session 1 Discussion
Nick Rowell [Publisher]

Session 2

Addressing the trust issue: From share of voice to share of care
Marc Pesse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The reputation, image and influence of the pharmaceutical industry: Regaining credibility
Jane Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What can the pharmaceutical world learn from consumer branding practice?
Giles D Moss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Session 2 Discussion
Nick Rowell [Publisher]

Session 3

Accountability in marketing
Michel Sara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A model for the ex ante pricing of new drugs
Roger Turner, Christophe Lasserre and Pascal Beauchet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building strong condition brands
Reinhard Angelmar, Sarah Angelmar and Liz Kane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Session 3 Discussion
Nick Rowell [Publisher]