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Alcohol and the Leisure Experience, a special issue of Annals of Leisure Research, Edited by Neil Carr; Abstract deadline 30 Nov 2007

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Annals of Leisure Research: Special Issue on "alcohol and the leisure experience"

Guest editor: Dr Neil Carr (Department of Tourism, University of Otago, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand. Email:

Call for papers

Whilst a wide array of studies has been published that focus attention on alcohol the vast majority of this work has been situated within a deviance and/or health related context. Although the value of this type of work is not in doubt the portrayal of the negative connotations of alcohol combined with a historic tendency in leisure studies to focus on the central ground of ‘conventional morality’ has resulted in a limited examination of the position and consumption of alcohol in the leisure experience. Based on this situation the role alcohol plays in the construction of the leisure environment has been relatively neglected. In addition, the marginalization of alcohol in the leisure experience as a research field has meant that the consequences of alcohol consumption in the leisure environment for the construction, re-affirmation, and contestation of cultural, sub-cultural, and personal identities and values has been comparatively under-studied.

The limited quantity and variety of studies of alcohol within a leisure context stands at odds with the central position that alcohol often occupies both directly and indirectly within the leisure experience. Consequently, this special issue of the Annals of Leisure Research aims to provide a forum to engender an expansion of the current understanding of linkages between leisure and alcohol and the consequences of these links for the wider society. This offers the opportunity for the development of more viable and sustainable frameworks to deal with the potentially negative consequences of alcohol consumption.

The guest editor invites interested researchers to contribute theoretical and/or empirical papers related to the theme of this special issue. The topics of potential manuscripts include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of alcohol and the alcohol industry in the construction of the leisure environment and experience
  • The social and/or cultural construction of alcohol consumption in leisure experiences
  • The construction of cultural, sub-cultural and personal identities through alcohol
  • The personal, social, and economic costs and benefits of alcohol consumption in the leisure environment
  • The role of alcohol consumption as a catalyst and inhibitor to pleasure fulfilment in the leisure experience
  • The link between alcohol, deviance, and violence leisure experience

Submission Guidelines

  1. In the first instance authors are invited to submit a 400 – 500 word abstract for consideration for the special issue. Selected authors will then be asked to produce a full paper based on their abstract
  2. Electronic submissions should be sent by e-mail attachment to
  3. Ideally, abstracts and papers should be sent as Microsoft Word files
  4. Articles should be 5000-6000 words in length. The Annals of Leisure Research also accepts shorter research notes of 1000-2000 words in length. Full details of the format for papers are available at:
  5. All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by two independent assessors.

Important Dates:

Abstract deadline: 30th November 2007
Notification of acceptance of abstracts deadline: 11th January 2008
Submission of full paper deadline: 30th April 2008
Special issue publication: October 2008