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Judgment and Decision Making, 2(4)

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Judgment and Decision Making 

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Head versus heart: Effect of monetary frames on expression of sympathetic magical concerns
Paul Rozin, Heidi Grant, Stephanie Weinberg and Scott Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Age-related differences in adaptive decision making: Sensitivity to expected value in risky choice
Irwin P. Levin, Joshua A. Weller, Ashley A. Pederson and Lyndsay A. Harshman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A shocking experiment: New evidence on probability weighting and common ratio violations
Gregory S. Berns, C. Monica Capra, Sara Moore and Charles Noussair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innumeracy and incentives: A ratio bias experiment
Donald Dale and Jeffrey Rudski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Framing the frame: How task goals determine the likelihood and direction of framing effects
Todd McElroy and John J. Seta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]