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Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 17(1)

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Journal of Marketing for Higher Education 

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Editor’s Note
Thomas J. Hayes [Publisher]

Does Advertising Pervert Higher Education? Is There a Case for Resistance?
Paul Gibbs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertising Can Be an Effective Integrated Marketing Tool
Larry D. Lauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring and Investigating Pretrial Multi-Expectations of Service Quality Within the Higher Education Context
Sunita Prugsamatz, Joo-Gim Heaney, Frank Alpert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Differences in Characteristics of Online versus Traditional Students: Implications for Target Marketing
Iryna Pentina, Concha Neeley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Online Degree Programs: How Do Traditional-Residential Programs Compete?
Jonathan Adams, Vicki Eveland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Orientation of Spanish Public Universities: A Suitable Response to the Growing Competition
Carlos Flavián, Javier Lozano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A University Name Change: Significance of Faculty Involvement
Cleamon Moorer, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retaining a Legacy While Avoiding Trademark Infringement: A Case Study of One University’s Attempt to Develop a Consistent Athletic Brand Identity
Sue Westcott Alessandri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]