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Tourism Analysis, 12(1/2)

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Tourism Analysis 

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Barriers to Sustainable Tourism Development in Jamaica
Levent Altinay, Turgut Var, Suzette Hines, and Kashif Hussain

Data Patterns and the Accuracy of Annual Tourism Demand Forecasts
Gongmei Yu, Zvi Schwartz, and Brad R. Humphreys

Analyzing the Total Productivity Change in Travel Agencies
Carlos Pestana Barros and Peter U. C. Dieke

Ecotourism Resources Management as a Way for Sustainable Tourism Development in Egypt
Mohammed I. Eraqi

Tourist Vacation Preferences: The Case of Mass Tourists to Crete
Konstantinos Andriotis, George Agiomirgianakis, and Athanasios Mihiotis

Understanding Differences in Tourist Motivation Between Domestic and International Travel: The University Student Market
Kakyom Kim


Determinants of Outbound Holiday Travel for Barbados
Trevor Campbell and Travis Klaus Mitchell



Tourism and "the Third Ear": Further Prospects for Qualitative Inquiry
Keith Hollinshead and Tazim B. Jamal


Monitoring for a Sustainable Tourism Transition. The Challenge of Developing and Using Indicators (G. Miller and L. Twining-Ward)
Gunjan Saxena