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Long Range Planning 

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June, 2007

Executive Bonus and Firm Performance in the UK
Alistair Bruce, Rodion Skovoroda, Jay Fattorusso and Trevor Buck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategy in High-Velocity Environments
Bernd W. Wirtz, Alexander Mathieu and Oliver Schilke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge Management Systems in Multinational Corporations: Typology and Transitional Dynamics
Bo Bernhard Nielsen and Snejina Michailova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: A Procedural Justice Perspective
D. Eric Boyd, Robert E. Spekman, John W. Kamauff and Patricia Werhane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Proactive Corporate Environmental Strategies: Myths and Misunderstandings
Juan Alberto Aragón-Correa and Enrique A. Rubio-López [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Competitive (Dis)Advantages of European Business Schools
Don Antunes and Howard Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global Remix, Richard Scase; Kogan Page (2006), 192pp., £14.99.
Stephen Aguilar-Millan [Publisher]

The chaos point: The World at the Crossroads, Ervin Laszlo; Hampton Roads (2006), 173pp., $16.95.
Stephen Aguilar-Millan [Publisher]