2008 ART Forum


19th Advanced Research Techniques Forum, Asheville, NC, 15-18 Jun 2008; Deadline 31 Oct 2007

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19th Advanced Research Techniques Forum

Grove Park Inn
Asheville, North Carolina
June 15-18, 2008

To: Marketing Research Professionals
Re: Proposal Submissions for 2007 ART Forum
Deadline: Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2007
When: June 15-18, 2008
Where: Asheville, North Carolina

Please accept my invitation to submit a proposal for presentation at the 19th Annual Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum, sponsored by the Marketing Research Division of the American Marketing Association. The submission deadline is October 31, 2007. The conference will be held at the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa in Asheville, North Carolina (www.groveparkinn.com) from June 15-18, 2008.

The ART Forum is a unique conference that provides an opportunity for academics, practitioners, and research clients to exchange ideas and solutions. Since its inception in 1990, the conference has focused on the use of sophisticated methodologies and quantitative techniques in support of strategic and tactical marketing decisions. Experienced research practitioners who use advanced methods in their jobs comprise the largest segment of conference attendees.

The ART Forum offers a balanced mix of presentations by academics and by practitioners. We will accept submissions as either "academic" or "practitioner" based on the primary affiliation of the first author.

The ART Forum includes both presentation and poster sessions. The poster sessions allow participants to share their research in a visual format that encourages one-on-one discussion. Awards are presented to the best presentation and the best poster, as voted by conference attendees. This year, the winning presentation was "An Empirical Test of Six Stated Importance Methods," by Keith Chrzan and Natalia Golovashkina of Maritz Research, and the winning poster was "Random Forests-Application and Comparisons with Other Data Mining and Statistical Techniques Using the Example of Treatment Decision Making in Healthcare" by Adrian Vickers, Lukasz Sochaczewski, Phil Mellor of Adelphi Research International, and Roger Brice, of Adelphi Group Ltd.

I encourage you to submit a proposal of no more than two pages (600 words), describing your proposed presentation or poster. Your document should clearly and completely describe what you propose and may include relevant background information such as manuscripts or publications. (Please refer to the Review and Procedures section for further details.)

Listed below are suggested topic areas of interest to the program committee based upon contemporary research issues and comments from past conference attendees.

However, the program committee will consider quality submissions on other topics that are relevant to the marketing research community and consistent with the focus of the conference.

All proposals are reviewed by the entire program committee. Our selection criteria favor presentations and posters that illustrate state of the art solutions to important practical problems, and involve non-proprietary software and data sources. Abstracts should be based on completed (or nearly complete) work that demonstrates clear managerial relevance and focus on practical rather than purely esoteric/theoretical issues. You may focus on the application of a particular advanced technique or procedure to a real-world issue, or on rigorous comparisons of new and traditional techniques applied to a problem. All authors submitting papers for review will be notified with the results of the selection by mid December.

Posters may emphasize interesting practical applications and case studies, but they must involve the use of advanced techniques. Posters offer an author the opportunity to present more detail than might be feasible in a presentation, and to engage attendees in discussion.

Presentations will be limited to 30 minutes in length. Posters will be displayed during the conference. Poster authors will be available for questions and discussion during sessions scheduled for this purpose.

When submitting your proposal, please complete the official Submission Form that is at the end of this document. Be sure to indicate the format preference (paper or poster) as well as provide a preliminary description for the brochure, in the event your paper is chosen. No proposals will be accepted or reviewed without this form. Use the AMA e-mail address indicated in the Call for Papers for your submission. Again, all authors submitting papers for review will be notified with the results of the selection by mid December.

Full Call for Papers and Submission Form can be found on the AMA website at: www.marketingpower.com/artforumcfp.

I look forward to seeing you in Asheville for the 19th annual ART Forum.


David Bakken
Committee Chair
2008 Advanced Research Techniques Forum