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Journal of Services Marketing, 21(5)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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Services business markets: a further view of a new reality or a blurred landscape?
Katherine Tyler, Mark Patton, Marco Mongiello, Derek Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service packaging: key to successful provisioning of ICT business solutions
Mika Hyötyläinen, Kristian Möller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An assessment of customer service in business-to-business relationships
Judy Zolkiewski, Barbara Lewis, Fang Yuan, Jing Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The shift in sales organizations in business-to-business services markets
Arun Sharma [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of trust in financial services business relationships
Katherine Tyler, Edmund Stanley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A re-examination of the relationship between value, satisfaction and intention in business services
Graham Whittaker, Lesley Ledden, Stavros P. Kalafatis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Segment differences in the asymmetric effects of service quality on business customer relationships
Simona Stan, Kenneth R. Evans, Charles M. Wood, Jeffrey L. Stinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Key drivers of university-industry relationships: the role of organisational compatibility and personal experience
Carolin Plewa, Pascale Quester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]