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International Business Review, 16(4)

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International Business Review 

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August, 2007

The impact of national culture and communication on exporter–distributor relations and on export performance
Erik B. Nes, Carl Arthur Solberg and Ragnhild Silkoset [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate governance effectiveness during institutional transition
Chung-Ming Lau, Dennis K.K. Fan, Michael N. Young and Shukun Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A processual analysis of knowledge transfer: From foreign MNEs to Chinese suppliers
Jing-Lin Duanmu and Felicia M. Fai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What are the drivers of channel length? Distribution reform in The People’s Republic of China
Eugene Donald Jaffe and Ling Yi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hysteresis in adjusting the ownership structure of foreign subsidiaries
Kostas Axarloglou and Panos Kouvelis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Choice of scale by banks in financial centers
Mohamed Azzim Gulamhussen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]