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Journal of Consumer Psychology, 17(3)

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Journal of Consumer Psychology 

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Durairaj Maheswaran [Publisher]

Research Dialogues: Introduction to Research Dialogues
Norbert Schwarz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feelings and Consumer Decision Making: The Appraisal-Tendency Framework
Seunghee Han, Jennifer S. Lerner, Dacher Keltner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Appraising the Appraisal-Tendency Framework
Lisa A. Cavanaugh, James R. Bettman, Mary Frances Luce, John W. Payne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotions, Decisions, and the Brain
Baba Shiv [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotion Appraisal Tendencies and Carryover: How, Why, and…Therefore?
J. Frank Yates [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Feelings and Consumer Decision Making: Extending the Appraisal-Tendency Framework
Jennifer S. Lerner, Seunghee Han, Dacher Keltner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Predicting Happiness: How Normative Feeling Rules Influence (and Even Reverse) Durability Bias
Stacy L. Wood, James R. Bettman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What is a Leather Iron or a Bird Phone? Using Conceptual Combinations to Generate and Understand New Product Concepts
Tripat Gill, Laurette Dube [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mapping the Hierarchical Structure of Coping: Unifying Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives
Adam Duhachek, James L. Oakley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]