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Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 48(3)

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Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly 

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August, 2007

Roundtables Focus on Key Issues in Hotel Finance, Marketing, and Law
David Sherwyn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Meal Pace on Customer Satisfaction
Breffni M. Noone, Sheryl E. Kimes, Anna S. Mattila, and Jochen Wirtz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Childhood Memory Elicitation to Gain Insights into a Brand at a Crossroads: The In-N-Out Burger Situation
Kathryn A. Braun-LaTour and Michael S. LaTour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"Know before You Serve": Developing a Food-Allergy Fact Sheet
Jaclyn Maurer Abbot, Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, and Darlene Grasso [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Guest Satisfaction and Restaurant Performance
Sachin Gupta, Edward McLaughlin, and Miguel Gomez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Importance-Performance Analysis of Guest Technologies in the Lodging Industry
Srikanth Beldona and Cihan Cobanoglu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ability versus Personality: Factors that Predict Employee Job Performance
J. Bruce Tracey, Michael C. Sturman, and Michael J. Tews [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Driving Demand for the Quarterdeck: A Case Study
Robert J. Kwortnik, Jr. and James Vosburgh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Driving Demand for the Quarterdeck: A Commentary
Rex S. Toh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using New Brain Science to Address the Quarterdeck Dilemma
Michael S. LaTour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]