Cause-Related Marketing


The Cause Marketing Forum is looking for research updates on practitioner-relevant cause-related marketing

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Cause Marketing Forum ( is Looking for Research Updates on Cause-Related Marketing that is Relevant for Marketing Practitioners (both companies and causes)

Have you completed research in the area of cause-related marketing?

Would you like marketers (of both products and charities) to know about your findings?

The editor of Cause Marketing Forum (see has asked me to start writing a regular "Research Highlight" section for a monthly publication that will feature an interesting finding from academia that is relevant for companies and charities involved in cause related marketing (linking sales of products and services with donations to worthy causes). If you have completed research with managerial implications for organizations involved in cause related marketing that you would like to have featured in this monthly publication, please send a 100-200 word abstract to me at: The abstract should be written for a marketing practitioner audience ( e.g., brand managers and corporate development directors). For this particular audience, please focus on managerial implications and potential applications for companies and causes involved in joint ventures. Please keep in mind that the practitioner readers of will have far more interest in the pratical implications of your work than to any contributions to theory. If your research seems to be a good fit, I will do my best to have it featured in one of the future issues of

I look forward to hearing about your research!

Michal Strahilevitz