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International Marketing Review, 24(4)

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International Marketing Review 

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Multiple roles for branding in international marketing
Ho Yin Wong, Bill Merrilees [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ product evaluations in emerging markets: Does country of design, country of manufacture, or brand image matter?
Leila Hamzaoui Essoussi, Dwight Merunka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending the view of brand alliance effects: An integrative examination of the role of country of origin
Christian Bluemelhuber, Larry L. Carter, C. Jay Lambe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asian brands without borders: regional opportunities and challenges
Julien Cayla, Giana M. Eckhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Aesthetic theory and logo design: examining consumer response to proportion across cultures
Narelle Pittard, Michael Ewing, Colin Jevons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural differences in brand designs and tagline appeals
Jong Woo Jun, Hyung-Seok Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]