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Designing the Global Brand Portfolio, Special issue of Journal of Product & Brand Management, Edited by Richard C. Leventhal; Deadline 28 Sep 2007

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Journal of Product and Brand Managment

Special issue call for papers Strategies for designing the global brand portfolio

The Editor of the Journal of Product & Brand Management invites practitioners, consultants, and academics to submit papers worthy of contribution to the literature for a special issue devoted to global brand strategy.

Recent developments in the brand literature have established the relationship between the brand portfolio and firm performance. Over the last decade, the global marketplace has become increasingly the arena for multinational brand competition. Global brands exist that are recognized on multiple continents, and bring the opportunity for profits and a level of comfort and familiarity to international travelers. However, at times, global brands may not be as well received in domestic markets. Some brands are viewed as unwanted interlopers, taking market share (and presumably) jobs from the local economy. Others are seen as being too popular, a detriment to “coolness” among some younger consumers, such as "tweeners”. These perceptions have given rise to product portfolio designs that attempt to balance global and local brands among varied market segments.

The conventional wisdom regarding portfolio design is that marketing managers who wish to build consumer loyalty in a market should start with a normative planning procedure. Such marketing managers should establish differentiated products in a greater number of segments, minimize competition within the portfolio, and emphasize higher quality. Conversely, marketing managers who wish to maximize market share to a mass target market should offer a greater number of brands with lower consumer quality perceptions in their portfolio. Complications arise in terms of creating an effective and successful portfolio of products in an international market.

Possible topics will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What are the guiding principles that should be used to balance a successful global brand portfolio?
  • In the 21st century, what is the future of global brands?
  • What is the proper level of intra-brand competition among brands in a portfolio?
  • What is the relationship between consumer quality perceptions across global markets and a firm’s financial performance?
  • Should global brand marketers rely on product extensions or totally new and/or innovative products?
  • How should global brand franchises be protected?
  • In the Internet age, what is the relative importance of big product "hits" versus numerous niche products (The Long Tail)?
  • Is there a cultural impact on global brand success?
  • Can the creation of global brands transcend international borders?

Papers may be the result of empirical research, comprehensive literature reviews, case studies, marketing practices, or thoughtful analysis. However, to be accepted for publication, all manuscripts must provide practical applications of material presented. It is necessary that you follow the author guidelines for your submissions to be accepted for review.

Final manuscripts should be sent directly to Dr Richard C. Leventhal by 28 Sept 2007.

7678 Upham Street
Arvada, CO 80003

(please note that electronic versions of manuscripts are not accepted for submission purposes)