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Asia and Global Business in the 21st Century: Institutions, Cultures, and Strategic Transformations, Special issue of Journal of International Business Studies; Deadline 1 Dec 2007

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Special Issue of the Journal of International Business Studies


Submissions accepted: From November 10, 2007, through December 1, 2007

Tentative publication date: Spring or Summer 2009

Guest Editors: Rabi S. Bhagat (University of Memphis), Mike W. Peng (University of Texas at Dallas)

JIBS Editor: Sea-Jin Chang (Korea University Business School)


Prior to the 1997 Asian financial crisis, a number of scholars predicted that the 21st century would be the "Asian century." In the aftermath of the 1997 crisis, there has been some caution in the literature regarding how various economies and firms in Asia are going to emerge as important participants in the global economy. More recently, terms such as the "Chinese century" and the "rise of India" have surfaced frequently in scholarly and practitioner publications. There is no doubt that various Asian economies and firms have been undergoing some profound institutional, cultural, and strategic transformations, which not only have ramifications for Asia but also for other parts of the global economy in the 21st century.


  • To encourage scholarly interest in the growing complexity of institutional, cultural, and strategic transformations that are currently underway in various Asian economies and firms.
  • To examine the implications of these transformations for both firms headquartered in Asia and those headquartered elsewhere.
  • To learn more about the role of such increasing global interdependence between various countries and firms in Asia and the rest of the world for theory and research in international business.

We welcome manuscripts that are (1) theoretically innovative and well-grounded and (2) based on solid empirical research which provides insights into the dynamics of how various Asian economies and firms are grappling with institutional, cultural, and strategic transformations – and how countries and corporations elsewhere around the world respond to such profound changes in Asia.

Examples of Relevant Issues:

Please see for a list of statements and questions that encompass, but do not exhaust, the many issues regarding Asia and global business in the 21st century that IB scholars may find of interest.

This list is merely suggestive of the range of topics appropriate for this Focused Issue. Other topics may be potentially of interest. However, the central concerns of this Focused Issue are with the institutional, cultural, and strategic transformations of economies in Asia and firms active in Asia (including foreign, non-Asian firms operating there), as well as the ramifications of these transformations for global business around the world (that is, beyond Asia). We are seeking manuscripts that explicitly address these issues and offer suggestions for how theory and research in IB might contribute to and benefit from a focus on these crucial issues in the 21st century.

Since the review process for this Special Issue will take place under the incoming Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Eden and her editorial team, all manuscripts submitted for the Special Issue must also fit within the Journal’s new Statement of Editorial Policy, which is available at


Submissions must be made between November 10, 2007, and December 1, 2007, through the new JIBS Manuscript Central system, Please mark your submission to go to the "Asia and IB" Special Issue.

All submissions will go through the JIBS regular double-blind review process, and must follow the incoming editorial team’s Guidelines for Contributors, Style Guide and Manuscript Format. These are posted on the JIBS website at

A Special Editorial Review Board will be convened by the Guest Editors for this Special Issue of JIBS. A call for potential members of this board will be circulated in the summer of 2007. Manuscript reviewers will be drawn from the Special Issue Editorial Review Board and from the incoming JIBS Editorial Review and Consulting Editors Boards.

All manuscripts will be reviewed as a cohort of submissions for this Special Issue. The review process will commence from December 1, 2007, and no manuscripts will be reviewed prior to that date. The reviewing process will follow the same norms as those of the incoming editorial team; thus, manuscripts are expected to move through the whole process from submission to acceptance for publication within 12 months. The special issue is expected to appear in spring or summer 2009.

For additional information, please contact Guest Editors:

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Managing Editor, Journal of International Business Studies

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