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Innovations in International Business Theory, A special issue of Journal of International Business Studies; Deadline 15 Mar 2008

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CALL FOR PAPERS (apologies for cross-postings)
Special Issue of the Journal of International Business Studies


Submissions accepted: Open for submissions from July 1, 2007 through March 15, 2008

Tentative publication date: June 2009

  1. Background

    The Academy of International Business (AIB) is the leading global association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business. Established in 1959, AIB now has more than 3500 members, in 75 countries around the world, involved in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about international business and policy issues. The objectives of AIB, as set forth in its constitution, are to foster education and advance professional standards in the field of international business. The Association is designed to transcend the boundaries of single academic disciplines and managerial functions to enhance international business education, research and practice.

    The Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) is the official publication of the Academy of International Business. The Journal’s goal is to publish insightful, influential and timely research on international business. JIBS publishes papers that make significant contributions to knowledge in international business, particularly the international dimensions of management, finance, marketing, accounting, organizational theory, and institutions. Its broad scope and developmental editorial policies create accessible, thought-provoking content for the general academic business community.

    In 2008, AIB will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and in 2009, JIBS will celebrate its 40th anniversary. To celebrate these two milestones, the JIBS editors have decided to publish a Special Issue of the Journal, called the JIBS40/AIB50 Anniversary Issue.

  2. Call for Submissions

    The purpose of the JIBS40/AIB50 Anniversary Issue is to publish a set of articles that typify the very best of what the JIBS editorial team would like to see appear regularly in the Journal in terms of insightful and influential theory. The Anniversary articles should be the new benchmark against which other articles are measured; this benchmark is, of course, a moving target as JIBS continues to accelerate into a new frontier. (JIBS is now ranked 8th among all Business journals and 8th among all Management journals on the Social Sciences Citation Index.) We expect the Anniversary articles to be widely read, highly cited, and exceptionally influential within the international business field.

    The editorial team has consciously chosen not to restrict the subject areas for this Special Anniversary Issue, but to open the door wide to all scholars publishing in international business. Scholars are invited to send their very best work to be showcased in the Anniversary Issue. All topics that fit within the domain of the new JIBS Statement of Editorial Policy will be considered. The key criteria for manuscript acceptance will be innovativeness and potential contribution to international business theory. Manuscripts may also have empirical content as long as they are guided by newly developed theory. Please note that the editorial team may decide that a submission is not acceptable for the Anniversary Issue, but does meet the general, rigorous JIBS quality standards; in these cases, the manuscript will appear in a regular issue of the Journal.

    Examples of possible international business theory topics for the Anniversary Issue include:

    • Building on existing theories from other disciplines (for example, economics, sociology or political science) and reinterpreting them in terms of international business theory.
    • Creating new theory about old or new forms of international business (for example, business groups, cross-national networks, e-business, emerging market firms, international entrepreneurship, mergers and acquisitions or offshoring).
    • Creating new theory on existing constructs in international business (for example, clustering, corruption, knowledge seeking FDI, liability of foreignness, institutional or cultural distance, political risk, semi-globalization or tacit knowledge).
    • Developing new theory based on existing international business theory (for example, internalization theory, the OLI paradigm or the “stages theory” of internationalization).
    • Developing a theoretical paper on innovation or innovations in international business.
    • Proposing a new “big idea” for international business theory.


    We hope that the prestige of being included in the Anniversary Issue will motivate top scholars in international business and related fields such as economics, sociology, psychology and geography to send their best work to JIBS. Fast turnaround time with excellent feedback should encourage more submissions to the Journal in subsequent years. The Anniversary Issue offers the opportunity to increase JIBS’s journal impact factor and create wider visibility for JIBS in the international business community and related fields.

  3. Submission Process

    As of July 1, 2007, all new manuscript submissions go to the 2008-2010 editorial team led by Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Eden (Texas A&M University) and the new JIBS Editorial Office run by Managing Editor Anne Hoekman (Michigan State University). See http://www.jibs.net for more information. Please address any questions to the Editor-in-Chief at editor-in-chief@jibs.net and/or the Managing Editor at managing-editor@jibs.net.

    The closing date for submissions to the Anniversary Issue is March 15, 2008. Manuscripts must be submitted through the new JIBS Management Central submission system at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jibs. Submissions must follow the new JIBS policy statements, including the Statement of Editorial Policy, Information for Contributors, Style Guide and Code of Ethics. More information about submissions is posted at http://www.jibs.net. Please include at the top of your Title Page “JIBS40/AIB50 Anniversary”. The JIBS Management Central system has a track labeled “Anniversary”, which authors should select from the drop-down menu for special issues, at the time of submission. All submissions will go through the JIBS regular double-blind review process, and will be fast tracked by the editors to ensure publication of the Anniversary Issue to coincide with the AIB San Diego annual meetings in June 2009. As manuscripts are accepted for publication, they will be posted on the Internet in Palgrave’s Advance Online Publication system at http://www.jibs.net.

We welcome your submissions!

Lorraine Eden
Editor in Chief Elect, Journal of International Business Studies
Professor of Management
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