Revisit: Amnesia and Marketing Theory


Amnesia and Marketing Theory: Processes of Forgetting, A special issue of Marketing Theory; Deadline now 1 Sep

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Amnesia and Marketing Theory: Processes of Forgetting

Due to Demand, the Deadline has been extended to: 1st September, 2007.

Call for Papers

Marketing Theory is pleased to invite papers for a special issue on amnesia and marketing theory. The special issue will be edited by Mark Tadajewski (University of Leicester) and Michael Saren (University of Leicester). In connecting amnesia and marketing theory we invite a focus on the processes of forgetting our intellectual heritage that perpetually redefine what counts as knowledge and what and who counts as a contribution to marketing theory. The rationale for this topic is the growing interest in cognate disciplines in the intellectual amnesia that works to exclude certain issues from the historical record or serves to render certain topics, methods, or approaches beyond the bounds of the disciplinary discourse. This special issue directly addresses the processes of forgetting in marketing and consumer research. Of course, such amnesia is not necessarily the result of poor scholarship. It may be due to the valorization of recency in referencing and contextualization. Or, amongst other causes, it could be attributed to the complex constellation of power/knowledge relations that have worked to structure the nature of intellectual inquiry in a particular fashion.

Our focus on the development of marketing and intellectual amnesia follows Foucault, in recognizing that there important rules of discursive formation at the disciplinary level to which we must all adhere, in addition to non-discursive practices, which support particular types of knowledge and social orders. Within this field of possibilities there are only certain statements that can count as serious truth claims. Others are excluded by virtue of the rules of discursive formation that govern debate and work to structure intellectual discourse.

For this special issue, we invite contributions ranging from conceptual papers, to methodologies for investigating the interplay between the production of knowledge in marketing and external social, political, economic and technological developments, to detailed empirical accounts, contemporary or historical. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The relationship between marketing and geopolitical conflicts such as the Cold War, World War II and postcolonial struggles
  • The marginalization of marketing concepts, theories and methods
  • Theoretical, conceptual and methodological reinvention
  • Critical theoretic perspectives on marketing theory and knowledge production
  • The boundaries of marketing theory
  • The politics of marketing theory
  • Processes/analyses of marketing amnesia; remembering to forget

Papers will be subjected to a blind, peer reviewing process following customary practice in Marketing Theory. Papers should be sent electronically to Mark Tadajewski at The deadline for submission of papers is: 1st September, 2007. Accepted papers are scheduled to be published in Volume 8.