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Journal of Business Research, 60(8)

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Journal of Business Research 

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August, 2007

Complexities in markets: Introduction to the special issue?
Nigel Gilbert, Wander Jager, Guillaume Deffuant and Iqbal Adjali [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Propagation effects of filtering incongruent information
Guillaume Deffuant and Sylvie Huet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Targeting and timing promotional activities: An agent-based model for the takeoff of new products
S.A. Delre, W. Jager, T.H.A. Bijmolt and M.A. Janssen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer heterogeneity evolving from social group dynamics: Latent class analyses of German footwear consumption 1980–1991
Alexander Frenzel Baudisch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Validating agent-based marketing models through conjoint analysis?
Rosanna Garcia, Paul Rummel and John Hauser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of quality uncertainty without asymmetric information on market efficiency
Segismundo S. Izquierdo and Luis R. Izquierdo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The four P’s in social simulation, a perspective on how marketing could benefit from the use of social simulation?
Wander Jager [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social interaction and low involvement products
Johanna Kuenzel and Pieter Musters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building and assurance of agent-based models: An example and challenge to the field?
David Midgley, Robert Marks and Dinesh Kunchamwar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agent-based simulation of consumer behavior in grocery shopping on a regional level
Tilman A. Schenk, Günter Löffler and Jürgen Rauh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simulating changing consumer preferences: A dynamic conjoint model?
Andras Vag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agent-based simulation of consumer purchase decision-making and the decoy effect?
Tao Zhang and David Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]