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Psychological Review, 114(2)

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Psychological Review 

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April, 2007

Topics in Semantic Representation
Thomas L. Griffiths, Mark Steyvers and Joshua B. Tenenbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Word Learning as Bayesian Inference
Fei Xu and Joshua B. Tenenbaum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nested Incremental Modeling in the Development of Computational Theories: The CDP+ Model of Reading Aloud
Conrad Perry, Johannes C. Ziegler and Marco Zorzi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

SD-Squared: On the Association Between Semantic Dementia and Surface Dyslexia
Anna M. Woollams, Matthew A. Lambon Ralph, David C. Plaut and Karalyn Patterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future: A Neural Model of Spatial Memory and Imagery
Patrick Byrne, Suzanna Becker and Neil Burgess [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inhibitory Control in Mind and Brain: An Interactive Race Model of Countermanding Saccades
Leanne Boucher, Thomas J. Palmeri, Gordon D. Logan and Jeffrey D. Schall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interdependent Sampling and Social Influence
Jerker Denrell and Gaël Le Mens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Behavior: Capturing All the Interplay
Wendy Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Distance Judgment Function Based on Space Perception Mechanisms: Revisiting Gilinsky’s (1951) Equation
Teng Leng Ooi and Zijiang J. He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mechanisms of Modal and Amodal Interpolation
Marc K. Albert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marc K. Albert [Publisher]

The Demise of the Identity Hypothesis and the Insufficiency and Nonnecessity of Contour Relatability in Predicting Object Interpolation: Comment on Kellman, Garrigan, and Shipley (2005)
Barton L. Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interpolation Processes in Object Perception: Reply to Anderson (2007)
Philip J. Kellman, Patrick Garrigan, Thomas F. Shipley and Brian P. Keane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Postscript: Identity and Constraints in Models of Object Formation
Philip J. Kellman, Patrick Garrigan, Thomas F. Shipley and Brian P. Keane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Filling-In Models of Completion: Rejoinder to Kellman, Garrigan, Shipley, and Keane (2007) and Albert (2007)
Barton L. Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Postscript: Filling-In Models of Completion
Barton L. Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Absolute Identification Always Relative? Comment on Stewart, Brown, and Chater (2005)
Scott Brown, A.A.J. Marley and Yves Lacouture [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Absolute Identification Is Relative: A Reply to Brown, Marley, and Lacouture (2007)
Neil Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]