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AMA SERVSIG invites special sessions and papers, Austin, 15-18 Feb 2008

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As the incoming SERVSIG Chair, I wanted to introduce/re-introduce myself to you.

I also want to invite service researchers to actively participate in SERVSIG activities. While there are many opportunities to participate in SERVSIG, I want to call our immediate attention to the 2008 Winter AMA Educators’ Conference. The call for papers, including submission guidelines, may be accessed at

The due date for paper/special session submissions is July 2, 2007 and when submitting your papers/special sessions please note the following instructions:

  • All services marketing competitive papers and non-SIG special sessions are to be submitted to Vikas Mittal ( A non-SIG special session is one that is not SIG-sponsored and does not undergo a review process by the SIG prior to submission to the conference.
  • If you are interested in preparing a SIG-sponsored special session, please submit SIG special sessions to Clay Voorhees ( by Monday, June 25, 2007. We will need enough time to evaluate the SIG- sponsored special sessions and to forward the recommended sessions to the SIG Track chair (Michael Kamins). For information on other SERVSIG news and events, please visit us at Also, if you have not subscribed to SERVNET, please consider becoming a subscriber. For more information about SERVNET, please visit the SERVSIG web page (

To assist you in developing ideas for special sessions, here are two examples of recent SERVSIG sponsored sessions:

  • “Visionary Research Topics and Trends in Service Marketing”

    o Visionary Service Research Trends from the Asia-Pacific Perspective
    § Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia

    o Visionary Trends in Services Research–An Editor’s Perspective
    § "Parsu" Parasuraman, University of Miami
    o Visionary Trends in Ethnographic Approaches to Services Research
    § Linda L. Price, University of Arizona

    o Visionary Service Research Trends from the European Perspective
    § Tor W. Andreassen, Norwegian School of Management

    o Visionary Trends in Health Care Services
    § Len L. Berry, Texas A&M University

  • “Improving Consumer Decision Making in Services: New Tools for a Competitive Market”

    o Consumers’ Love/Hate Relationship with Yield Management Pricing: How Transparency in Pricing Strategies Influences Consumer Decision Making
    § Richard C. Hanna and Katherine N. Lemon, Boston College

    o Consumer Service Decision Making Self-Efficacy: Teaching Consumers to Protect Themselves
    § Dena H. Hale and Suzanne A. Nasco, Southern Illinois University
    o Enhancing Consumer Trust in a Service Provider: Reactions to Brand, Consensus, Physical Presence and Suspicion
    § Ray L. Benedictus III, Michael K. Brady, Peter R. Darke, Florida State University Clay M. Voorhees, Michigan State University

    Finally, please consider becoming an active SERVSIG member; contact me or any SERVSIG officer to volunteer. Also, if you know someone who should be a SERVSIG member, invite them to join us. On that note, if you are not sure if you are currently registered with SERVSIG feel free to contact Clay Voorhees to verify your membership.

    The SERVSIG web page has instructions on how to become a SERVSIG member.

    Take care,

    Mike Dorsch, 2007-2008 SERVSIG – Chair

    We apologize for any cross-postings.